My take on the Flashlight

Introduction to Fabrication Key Take-aways for Day 1:

1. The junk shelf is your best friend. When in need of some inspiration, check out junk.

2. Drilling is actually fun!

Creating my flashlight:

Step 1: Go through the junk shelf.

I needed some inspiration to come up with my very own flashlight. I didn’t want to spend and at the same time I wanted something unique so I went ahead and scoured the junk shelf for some materials.

Junk Shelf

Found the white helmet interesting so I decided to make a head mounted flashlight. The helmet sort of looks like a bug so maybe I can create an antennae and the light would be coming from the antennae’s tips.

Step 2: Wire stuff as quickly as possible.

I remembered seeing antennae-like LED in the Little Bits set we have in the equipment room. A quick attachments here and there….

Little Bits

Let there be light!

Little Bits LED


Step 3: Drill holes!

Used 1/4 drill bit to fit the antennae nicely.

Drill Holes

Step 4: Putting everything together!

I’m embarrassed to say I used duct tape and hot glue. Whatever works, works.



Step 5: Finishing Touches

Not really, my classmate Songee just wanted to stick lady bug stickers for fun!




1 Comment on “My take on the Flashlight

  1. Ben Light

    November 17, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Good use of the Little Bits. The bad thing about using Little Bits is you have to take your project apart when you’re done. Great first project.

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