DIY iPhone and iPad Dock

Introduction to Fabrication Key Take-aways for Day 2:

1. Jigs will save you a lot of time.

2. Don’t be lazy, clamp!

3. The router is the best tool ever!!

DYI iPhone and iPad Dock:

Step 1: Get a pieces of nice wood



Step 2: Preparing and setting-up my jig

Used an old pice of wood as my jig. I need this in order to set my blocks diagonally on the router table.



Safety first! Clamp!


Step 3: Make 30 degree cuts.

The router table is pretty hard to use. Trial and error was in order.



Sacrificial trial block:


The router bites the wood towards the end:


Maybe changing the speed of the router will make the cut smoother (nope it made it worse).



After a while, I finally got the hang of it.


Step 2: Drill a hole for the home button

Using the drill press and a 19mm bit, I drilled a small hole, just enough for one finger to go through.


Finished Product:







1 Comment on “DIY iPhone and iPad Dock

  1. Ben Light

    November 17, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    These turned out great. One piece of advice, I would have used the router table first before cutting the 6 bases. It would have been easier to use the router table on longer pieces.

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