Final Project Ideas

Idea#1 Making Groot Speak / Sing



Meet my pet plant, Groot, a money tree. I bought him just as I moved in to my new apartment here at New York. Groot is my surrogate for a real pet, my dog, that I left back home in Manila.  I often forget to water Groot. It would be nice if I can come up with project to remind me to water him. At the same time, I was thinking maybe interacting with the leaves (touching, blowing) would make Groot say or sing something.

Idea#2 Twitter Mood Lamp


I want to make a lamp that changes light depending on New York City’s general mood. Happy is yellow, red is angry, blue is calm… etc. This is based off this project: Twitter Mood Light by Instructables. I’m still thinking of a way to modify it though to make it original and mine.

Idea#3 Cyber Huggables


I want to create a toy for kids who have their parents working abroad – a teddy bear that their kids can hug and send that will transmit a message (via Twitter or SMS?) saying that he or she misses you. The parent can also send back messages like “do your homework,” or “don’t stay up to late” and will be displayed on a small LED on the bear’s belly.

Idea#4 Portable Flood Detector


Flash floods are a major problem in the Philippines where we get an average of 20 typhoon landfalls every year. Until today, we rely on mass media to check to see if flood is coming. Solely relying on mass media is often ineffective because one, people don’t have access  due to black outs often experienced during typhoons or two, they got the news late, could no longer evacuate because the house has started to flood. No one has made a flood detector available and affordable on the consumer level. With an Arduino and a few sensors, I think I can create a prototype and eventually make a consumer friendly product.

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