Reinventing the Bible

The Bible is often an every day object that we neglect. Almost every Christian household has one but hardly anyone touches it. It is probably because it’s, clunky, old, uninteresting and not at all engaging.


It doesn’t appeal to it’s target readers, especially the next generation of readers, the readers of today.

Boy Reading the holy bible

So how do you reinvent the Bible and make it appeal to the modern day readers? I personally would redesign everything. I would make it thicker, add a lot of photos, make it look like a magazine. By doing so, one would attempt to make it more personal and meaningful.

This is exactly what a Hillsong Church did. They attempted to redesign the bible to engage the youth.


Word Bible



Meet the Word Bible. It is redesigned to capture the next generation of Bible readers.


They say never judge a book by it’s cover. But the cover of this Bible certainly makes it appealing compared to its predecessors.

holy-bible-cover WORD_promo_slide_01

The form factor of the book was also redesigned. The size simulates a magazine format. The choice of paper is glossy and at the same time they made it thin, to encourage the readers to take it with them wherever they may go.


IMG_1746 IMG_1747 IMG_1748 IMG_1749


The content speak for itself. The design and photos make the Bible feel alive. It’s is more personal and certainly more engaging then the usual bible.


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