Impactful GSM

As a marketer, I’ve always believed that marketing campaigns should be created not just to sell products but to inspire and create a profound sustainable impact upon society. Here are some examples that I love that uses GSM technology.

UN Voices Project: Billboard Speaks

Foday a refugee from Western Africa in UN Voices campaign

The United Nations launched an interactive outdoor advertising campaign using GSM technology that links portraits with voice messages from people whose plight normally goes unseen and unheard.

Seven different posters have been set up around various sites in Sydney featuring people with a story to tell. “Photograph my mouth with your mobile. Send it to 0428 641 658. Within a few minutes your mobile will ring and you’ll hear my story.”

Source: The Inspiration Room

BBC World Service Trust: Condom Ringtone

This is a funny one: Can a jingle that comprises a single taboo word repeated 50 times become a national hit? Welcome to the unusual success story of the ‘Condom a capella’, a ringtone with a social mission.

The brainchild of the BBC World Service Trust, the condom ringtone was devised to “normalise” the perception of condoms among Indians. The idea was to get as many people as possible to talk about condoms as research showed that people who consistently use condoms are more likely to talk about it.

The National Family Health Survey-3 found that 84% of the people in Maharashtra know about condoms, but only a small percentage use one regularly. In Tamil Nadu, there is 100% awareness about condoms. The trust’s pre-campaign survey showed that only 18% of those interviewed used condoms consistently while 58% were situational users. Yet these states have the highest prevalence of HIV\AIDS.


Source: Times of India


In developed countries, tablets and e-readers have become the solution to large, heavy textbooks. But for Philippine public school students, even the cheapest model is worth more than what their families make in an entire month.

In fact, the only gadgets most of them own are one to two old analog mobile phones, used mainly for texting.What if we could use these millions of old phones to create a new brand of textbook?

Smart, the Philippines’ largest telecom, took their mission to “make text light and easy” further than ever as we introduced Smart TXTBKS.

Source: Smart Communications

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