Global Energy Crisis

A short video changed the way I think about energy.

The video points out that if there’s a crisis in energy, there is a crisis in everything.

Although I’ve learned early on that most of the global development issues are interlinked to each other, I’ve never really thought about energy as core and fundamental in them. How can you fix a problem if you don’t have energy?

Although solving the world’s energy crisis is not something an ordinary individual can fix, I like how there organizations around the world that try to solve it in small ways but with great impact. In particular, a non-profit close to home, A Litter of Light Foundation, seeks to light up homes around the world with with just a bottle of water.

Here’s how to make one.

Originally, the foundation started with just water and bleach to light up the home. Eventually, they added a simple circuit that automatically triggers the light at night.

And here’s how to make it.

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