Much has been said about unsafe drinking water but hardly any one talks about indoor smoke. According to the World Health Organization, respiratory diseases attributed to inhaling smoke from the use of solid fuels (wood, animal dung, crop waste and coal) for cooking and heating kills an estimated 1.6 million people annually in developing counties.

Because this issue has not been talked bout often, my group (Greg Housett, Manxue Wang) decided to take on the issue for Networked Sensors for Development.

Low Energy Air Quality Sensor

We felt that a simple low energy air quality sensor could help families identify when they were endangering themselves. After doing a little research, we identified that Carbon Monoxide and general particulates in the air as the greatest threat posed by burning solid fuels. We chose to use the Sharp Dust sensor.

09689-01Ensuring Low Energy

We decided to build our own low energy Arduino using Kina’s documentation to ensure energy efficiency. Kina’s method would  dramatically lessen the current used by a standard Arduino Uno. When there is no load , the Arduino Uno R3 board draws 46.5mA of current vs. 34.4mA when you put the Uno to sleep.

In addition to building our own board, we used the Jeelib library to put our board into a very low-power sleep mode when we were not reading values.

System Diagram


Final Product

unnamed-2 unnamed-1

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