Flight Meal Ordering UI

Home Screen

1 - Screen 2

  • I decided to make the homepage more personal, greeting the user as he or she orders food, simulating a digital flight attendant.
  • I grouped the menu into two major groups, Meal Selection (which will change between breakfast, lunch and dinner depending on the time of day) and Snacks and Beverages. I also added an option to call a flight attendant.
  • The background will also change depending on the time of day and the destination. (ie If the flight is on the way to Beijing, and we are currently flying over Paris, then the background will feature a photo of Paris also on the current time of day.)

Menu Pages

2 - Screen 23 - Screen 2

  • I decided to focus on photos. The menu page will feature the photo of the food item, the name and the price, keeping everything simple.
  • Swipe left or right to see other menu items.
  • Users can click on More Information to see details, ingredients and nutritional facts about the food item.

Checkout Pages

4 - Screen 25 - Screen 2

  • Simple 2-page checkout system to increase conversion rate.
  • Minimal amount of information to be inputed decrease cart abandonment.


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