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We learned in Visual Language class that great logo design is distinctive, memorable, appropriate, practical (scalable and adaptable) and often clever. Logos form part of a brand’s DNA.

The ABS-CBN Logo

If there’s any logo that any Filipino would immediately recognize, it is this:



ABS-CBN 101 for Non-Filipinos

ABS-CBN Corporation is a diversified Filipino media conglomerate and the country’s largest media and entertainment company.

Its assets include two national television networks, two radio stations in Metro Manila, a regional network of AM stations (and FM stations, four international premium television networks, an American cable television network along with subsidiaries dealing in print publication, cable television production and distribution, telecommunications, film and television production and distribution, post production and special visual effects, music production and distribution, new media, talent development and management, home shopping and other related businesses.

The Logo

The three rings symoolizes Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – the 3 major group of islands in the Philippines. The rings also represent the rays of the sun providing the light of joy to every Filipino household.  The colors red, green and blue represent the RGB of the first colored television while the black line the run across the rings represents ABS-CBN’s iconic broadcast tower that still stands today.

The typography is a modified Gotham Bold. It is bold, dignified and structured. It signifies ABS-CBN’s dignified yet human personality that is close to the Filipino community.

Click here for the complete history.


The Visual Identity System of ABS-CBN

Visual Identiy System
Visual Identity System

ABS-CBN’s identity system is based on five visual elements: logo, colours, imagery, secondary graphics and typography. These elements have been designed to be may use only one of the visual elements, and others may use all five. It is vital that we all consistently apply the visual identity system elements as set out in this style guide, in order to build strong visual recognition and emotional connections with our audiences. 

Colors – The ABS-CBN color palette is comprised of bright, lively and vibrant colors that carries our imaginative and positive personality.

Secondary graphics represent the sun – which translates to ABS-CBN’s continous journey and growth as we defy conventions and charter new territories.

It is interesting to note that the rings of ABS-CBN and its colors are iconic among Filipinos that it can stand on its own. In fact, for every Filipino, the combination of colors is very much associated with ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN's distinct visual identiy

Typography – ABS-CBN’s typography is bold, dignified and structured. It signifies our dignified yet human personality that is close to the community.

Imagery – ABS-CBN’s imagery style is genuinely and authentically Filipino. It captures people’s energy and moments to reinforce ABS-CBN optimistic character and warm personality.

Why I love this Logo

I love this logo not because of the design or color. I love this logo because of what it represents – HOPE.

This logo has always been with the Filipino in every step of his journey. It is this logo that greets every Filipino everyday, be it when he watches the morning or evening news, or when he or she watches his or her favorite soap opera. During the time of extreme corruption in the Philippine government, people turn to this logo for basic services in welfare, safety and security. It was this logo that rallied the people to oust a dictator and it is the same logo that told the the world that we were successful in our ‘People Power’ and that we were again free.

More importantly, it is this logo that first responds to every calamity that would hit our country and reassures people that help is on the way.

banner5 banner2 disaster

Creating an ITP Logo

The Brief: ITP seeks a new design for the logo that represents their program. The logo should communicate the mission of the organization best articulated as The Center for the Recently Possible. The logo will be used in large and small format including on banners at events that ITP participates in and in official communications from the school. It should reflect the rigor/seriousness of the program but also the creative and experimental nature of the program.The audience is those familiar with the program, including existing faculty and alumni as well as those who are being introduced to ITP for the first time including applicants and the media. The logo should use just the acronym – ITP and reference New York University in some way. The need to reference Tisch is optional.

Big Idea #1 – The ITP Molecule

I’ve always seen ITP as a “molecule.” Everything is so chaotic. We all come from diverse backgrounds and everyone just has his or her “thing.” But amidst the chaos, there is harmony. We all come together, collaborate and make beautiful things. Just like a molecule, we’re all atoms, with different sizes and charges, but once put together, we form a greater whole – a molecule, something greater than the sum of its parts.


I’m also in love with the idea of a dynamic and interactive logo. The base logo above is a modified “Myriad Pro Bold”. Below I added the the image of random molecules.

I imagine the logo to be dynamic. I doesn’t have a single form but the whole visual identity system should be recognizable as ITP despite the random formation of the molecules. See Processing sketch below.

ITP Molecule 1
ITP Molecule 1
ITP Molecule 2
ITP Molecule 2

Mouse-click to interact:


Big Idea #2 – The ITP Story

What if three letters can tell a story? The ITP Story.


I wanted to create a dynamic logo that will tell the story of ITP as the ‘center of the recently possible’ and at the same time showcase our works. Again, being a dynamic logo, the applications are limitless. Imagine a video or a piece of interaction embedded within these letters.

itplogo2.4    itplogo2.8

itplogo2.10    itplogo2.5

itplogo2.2    itplogo2.7

itplogo2.3    itplogo2.6


Big Idea #3

Well, not so big. Sometimes when you play with design, you just accidentally stumble upon something that strikes you. For me, I accidentally stumbled upon this when a classmate (Brett) said I had something interesting going on my screen while I was playing with a few typefaces. Below is the result.






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